Good Skin Reusable Cleansing Puff

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We have added an amazing reusable cleansing puff to the Good Skin Collection!

The Good Skin Cleansing Puff was designed to help remove make up either using just warm water, Good Skin Organic Gentle Cleansing Oil or your daily forming cleanser. The Good Skin Cleansing Puff gently removes makeup and impurities, and is suitable for any skin type. 

The cleansing puff is machine and hand wash safe, non-toxic and helps promote zero waste lifestyle by being reusable for more than 6 months per puff. Ideal for replacing single use facial wipes and cotton wool pads.

Our recommendations: 

  • White - Bare face or very light make up (tinted moisturiser) or when finishing off your skin care routine using Good Skin Organic Soothing Toner 
  • Nude - Perfect for wiping off natural looking make up, face mask or exfoliating cream
  • Black - Ideal for removing heavy make up or dark tints

*this is only a guide to preserve the colour of the cleansing puffs and does not affect their performance if used differently to the recommendations above.


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