In June 2019, I lost my grandmother unexpectedly in Zimbabwe. My family and I immediately packed our bags and were on the first plane to Zimbabwe. I was met with devastation, hungry eyes and starving children. It was evident to me that a lot of families had become homeless and many were going to bed hungry, some not eating for days. My heart was broken and upon my return to England I could not stop thinking about those ‘street kids’ that I had seen begging for money from drivers at the traffic lights or the little girl with her blind dad asking for money.

 "I started BQLondon to make a difference in every area that we can."

The birth of Rutendo (meaning thankful in Shona) Charity Soup Kitchen came from my grandmother’s passing and named it after my aunt who passed away from cancer. My grandmother and aunt were the kindest, most giving individuals that I have ever met and I know they would support BQLondon’s efforts in feeding the families in Zimbabwe.

BQLondon will donate 10% of all its profits to Rutendo Charity Soup Kitchen which will provide food to the homeless and hungry people in Zimbabwe. We aimed to open our first kitchen in April 2020 however due to COVID-19 we were unable to travel. We are now aiming for December 2020. No one deserves to be hungry on any day, especially on a day like Christmas.

Thank you for all your support.