When I decided to study Aromatherapy, the plan was to open a day spa. I have always been a sucker for a massage, and this was my way of giving back one of things that I truly loved and enjoyed! Whilst studying Aromatherapy I fell in love with essential and carrier oils. Their healing properties opened a whole new world that I had not been privy to prior.


"Everything we needed for our bodies and spirit was within the earth, we just had to look a little deeper"  

Everything we needed for our bodies and spirit was within the earth, we just had to look a little deeper; mix a little bit of this and with a little bit of that achieve the desired result. For example, Lavender is an amazing essential oil for a multitude of uses including headaches, period cramps, anxiety, insomnia to name a few.

 Our Ethos

BQLondon’s main ethos has always been to educate people and understand what went into our bodies and the long-term effects some synthetic ingredients have. Research has shown that our bodies absorb what is topically applied to our skin and some of these can be harmful therefore it has always been important for us to only use natural and organic ingredients. Our products are suitable for all skin types including oily skin (yes, you read right!) 

Good Skin Ultimate Collection

We recommend trying our Good Skin Collection which is gentle and soothing on skin and is a lovely daily pamper to your face. Our body butters and body oils are also made from 100% organic and natural ingredients and catered for different moods and occasions (see Marvin Gaye and Bedtime Bliss)

"All our products are vegan, and no animal derivatives are used as part of our ingredients including beeswax!"

This also means that we do not endorse or take part in animal testing, all our products are tested on trusted and willing humans first because being released. 

Cruelty free. Not tested on animals


BQLondon was launched in 2018, our products were 100% organic and plant based giving you total peace of mind that the products you were putting onto your skin were safe and non-toxic. In December 2018, we eliminated all plastic jars from our packaging and switched to recyclable glass jars and bottles which are better for the environment and when recycled promote our sustainable living and zero waste policy.

Journey So Far

We took part in 12 shows across 5 cities in the UK (including Cardiff) within 9 months in 2018 and met many people who were excited to live a sustainable and conscious lifestyle so we knew we were on the right track. We have built a community of like-minded individuals who share our beliefs, respect and care for the environment and are against cruelty to animals.
BQLondon founder at Vegan Life Live in March 2019


We have also added reusable cleansing puffs to our collection to minimise waste and daily wipes that are sometimes flushed down the toilets causing blockages and eventually ending up in the seas endangering sea life. 


Pinkie Promise

This is my promise to you; I will continue to travel the world to source organic and natural ingredients, ensuring I get the best for you, never test our products on animals, always be natural and most importantly continue to #behavedifferently 

BQLondon founder and CEO, Clytie