The Plan...Tammy's Day Spa

The plan was to become a massage therapist. Whilst studying Aromatherapy I fell in love with essential oils and butters. Everything we needed for our bodies was already on planet earth, we just had to look a little deeper; mix a little bit of this and with a little bit of that to get delicious and luscious products.

The plans of opening a day spa were put on the back burner and I started cooking...

Butter Queen's Birth

I wanted people to learn and understand what went into our bodies and the long term effects some synthetic ingredients have. The aim of BQ was to give people a product that they needed but also wanted. It had to be fun, easy going and different but we were serious about our stuff!  

In 2015, I decided to shorten the name to BQ London as I found myself referring Butter Queen to BQ anyway.


In 2018, I had a re-launch which still had some of the old favourites like Cocoa Shea and Say Yes massage and body oil.

This is my promise to you; I will continue to source organic ingredients, travel the world to ensure I get the best ingredients for you, never test our products on animals (I will always test them on myself and willing humans first!), always be natural and most importantly continue to #behavedifferently 

Love Clytie (pronounced Kla-i-tee)