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Hello and welcome to BQLondon!

My name is Clytie Tamanikwa (pronounced Kla-i-tee) and I am the founder of BQLondon. I created BQLondon for those with sensitive skin. We have been exposed to synthetic ingredients without being given transparency of their side effects and I felt I had to do something about that.

BQLondon products are 100% derived from plants using only the best natural and organic ingredients. We source organically and make everything by hand to ensure the quality delivered is always top notch and at its best. We would love for you to join us on this journey as we promote living a natural, sustainable and zero waste lifestyle!


Good Skin Anti-Blemish Face Serum

"I bought this serum to try after having an outbreak of spots and to my surprise it cleared them up within a few days. I use this serum at night and have noticed a significant difference in my skin. Will definitely recommend."

- Yvonne C

Organic Lip Scrub and Balm

"These little pots are helping me survive the very cold and snowy Scottish weather right now! A lovely texture on the lips and certainly doesn’t hurt that the peppermint balm tastes like After Eights. Would buy again and again!"

- Samantha

Bedtime Bliss Massage and Body Oil

"I have only used this oil as a body oil and I am in love with it. I use it after every shower before bed, the lavender smell is very relaxing and really helps me sleep."

- Louise

Good Skin Reusable Cleansing Puff

"I absolutely love my new cleansing puff! It removes my makeup beautifully and is so soft on the skin. I use this for removing makeup and for wiping off my cleansers. Really easy to wash and as a heavy makeup wearer mine has not been stained by mascara or eyeliner! I love this please make giant one for my body"

- Demice

Organic Nourishing Body Butter

"I have stress induced eczema which has been greatly exacerbated by the current Coronavirus lockdown. This body butter is the only thing that works to relieve the itching and allows my skin to heal.
Not only does it smell delicious it lasts for a long time and is so soothing. I'm so relieved to have found something organic to alleviate my symptoms and soften my skin.
I apply to my eczema as needed and use it all over on damp skin after showering. My skin glows and is beautifully moisturised.
Just wonderful, thank you!"

- Azra
Rutendo Soup Kitchen

Rutendo Charity and Soup Kitchen

We donate 10% of all our sales to feeding homeless and orphaned children in Zimbabwe. These young kids live on the streets of Harare and get their meals from eating left overs thrown in bins and begging. We understand that we are in a position of privilege and we are help to help.

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